WebLaminar is proud to announce availability of  WebLaminarTools.  Each version is packaged to be run from a USB device and is as close to zero installation as possible.  This means the lost of a computer does not slow you down.

WLT 1.3 is an integrated opensource tool that can be used for day to day management of your IT projects as well as a portable infrastructure tool for the support of disaster recovery efforts.  Every detail of your environment can be stored in a secure fashion and made available to your team when you need it.   Read about WeblaminarTools features that will improve your performance and the way to get the most with our howto page.

WLT2.0 is packaged to help the scientist, engineer and entrepreneur increase their productivity and ability to communicate their ideas.  This mashup has specific tools to allow for scientific calculations and TeX based documentation.  Combined with IT tools for this interconnected world to help you get things done.  We've upgraded Meidawiki up to 1.16 to leverage the latest skins ( Vector ) for a better user interface.



DataCenter Crisis!  Use WebLaminarTools loaded on a USB device, all your notes, links, tools, and drawings are available,  ready to be viewed on any computing resource you have access to.  No more being tied to a critical server that cannot be reached.  All of your vital documentation is secure.  Tools are onboard to for issues management in our war room, tracking project progress as well as keeping your clients informed..


WebLaminarTools WLT 2.0 has just been released to aid the entrepreneur, scientist or engineer that needs a personal notebook or sketchpad to catalog their thoughts and ideas.   You can add your diagrams, calculations and notes to make a comprehensive presentation to your colleagues with the wiki.  For the entrepreneur there are tools to help manage your budding business enterprise.

Have a collaboration project!  Use WebLaminarTools, and deploy it's opensource wiki and integrated project tools for your team.  WebLaminarTools can be configured to share our remain private as needed.

Through the unique integration of best of breed open source technology from MOWES, Joomla, MediaWiki , MySQL, and  PortableApps an IT professional can now bring their tools with them and work from any Windows PC.