Docker container - virtualization 2.0


Why we use it!

  • Each container on a host shares the same system kernel so the launch is fast. ( Yeah ...seconds)
  • An application and ALL it's dependencies are mounted on a filesystem so each build is repeatable.
  • Bringing about the advent of slimmed down OS's.  Only the parts that you need.
  • DevOps owns it all the way through the lifecycle.   
  • Several orchestration solutions are available.
  • All the major OS's and hosting providers support it.  



Main Docker Site:


Containerization is not supported as of Windows 10. It is on the roadmap for a future version. This is also true for OSX so the solution for now is to use boot2docker and Oracle virtual box.

Docker Do's and Don'ts

Article on Docker

Docker Book $9

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Kubernetes orchestration for Docker containers

Docker Compose orchestration

Ansible orchestration & provisioning