WebLaminar provides tools for information technology management. Our recent projects can be downloaded and are opensource.


  •  tainersUp ►  - an administration utility for docker that can help with repetitive tasks and bringing your staff up to speed. The toolset is available on our github repository for download. We encourage your feedback to help make it better and more information can be found on our project wiki!

  • WebLaminar Mediawiki - a complete docker application stack to quickly bring up a customized wiki. Our latest versioni is now available on our github repository. It provides some of the same upgrades as WebLaminar Tools in an easy to use docker-compose cluster.

  • WebLaminar Tools - a portable wiki and portable applications that are integrated to make you more creative. It can help your team streamline the accumulation of knowledge that is so important for success. Coupling this with access security, full search capability and a wide variety of applications give your team a synergy that is hard to replicate. We have released WebLaminarTools as a free download to help our customers and the Internet community.

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WebLaminar can provide consulting and provisioning services for your web application.

Technology should not be a tax on your time and resources which make management more complicated. We strive to reduce the load on your organization and increase the services you can deliver . Please contact us and let us know your requirements.

Technology Resources:
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